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2017 Companies and Products Awarded

The 2017 Winners :

ALPLA Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG, (awarded in the EcoDesign Category)
HDPE-bottle from 100 % recycled material from the Yellow Sack.

Incoplas LSO BottleThe HDPE bottles produced in extrusion blow molding technology consist of 100 % recycled material that is obtained out of the Yellow Bag fraction. The bottles are filled with cleaning agents for the Professional Supply (B2B) and for the Home Care (FMCG) markets.

The particularity of this process is that grades of translucent and white material of the Yellow Bag weren’t available up to now. Conventional PE-recycling material grades did not fulfill these requirements. Even handle bottles with far more ambitious stability properties can now be manufactured with 100 % recycled material: an outstanding pioneer work in favour of real cycles and protection of limited resources; and this by keeping the desired identical presentation versus bottles made of virgin material.

• For the first time made of 100 % recycled material from the Yellow Bag (post-consumer recycled materials)
• Avoiding haze by using colourless and white fractions (special logistics / tight co-operation with DSD)
• Maintaining the familiar appearance, quality impression and brand image without reducing product safety
Since September 2016, the first bottles produced in this grade are on the German market, designated for the Werner & Mertz products of Emsal floor care and the Tana GreenCare Professional® range.

Target Sectors : Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) – Cleaning agents for the professional supply (floors, surfaces) and home care markets.


COVERIS RIGID FRANCE SAS, (awarded in the EcoDesign Category)
Optys decorated bottle

ALPLA Flacon multicouchesOptys: a 100 % decorated bottle manufactured on-site, using no label or sleeve.
Developed by Coveris (rigid plastic packaging manufacturer) and Serac (packaging machine manufacturer) with environment in mind to reduce the carbon footprint of consumer sales units.

Manufacturing process and benefits:
• The bottle is produced in a single stage by vertical thermoforming of a Coveris pre-printed PP sheet on Serac’s Agami machine.
• The plastic sheet can include a light or oxygen barrier, and show different colors on each side.
• The artwork can cover the entire bottle, from the bottom up to the top of the neck.
• The Agami thermoforming process is more simple and requires less energy than extrusion or injection blow moulding.
Environmental benefits:
• Significant carbon footprint reduction on transportation.
• Removal of one packaging component (label or sleeve).
• Reduction of water and chemical products consumption (no chemical decontamination needed for ultra-clean applications).
• Reduction of bottle’s weight.
Optys is the first decorated bottle that can be produced in one step at such a pace (10 000 bph) and with such a decorated surface.

Target Sectors : Food, Homecare, Personal care.


FEURER Febra GmbH, (awarded in the EcoDesign Category)
Modular airpop® insulation packaging with approval for hazardous goods

AST ECOSTACKTo make sure that hazardous substances arrive at their destination safely and at a low cost: FEURER developed the world’s first EPS hazardous goods packaging without a covering box.

The hazardous goods packaging of category X for goods in the packaging group I offers several advantages:
1. Approval of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM): Trust the strict testing criteria of the BAM – for the production process and for the hazardous goods packaging.
Thus cooled hazardous substances at +2 °C to +8 °C and at -20 °C arrive at the destination safely. Namely by parcel shipping within 72 hours worldwide.
2. Just only one material: With its high shock strength, airpop® eliminates the cardboard additional packaging that was previously used. This speeds up the packaging process and reduces the shipping volume. Since airpop® is made of ultralight, recyclable EPS, the costs for shipping and disposal are also reduced.
3. Modular system: The base, extension rings and cover can be easily connected together and flexibly adjust to the transported goods.

The space for products and coolant can thus be adjusted up to a height of 600 mm.

It is a real win for the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, chemical shipping, laboratories and everyone who ships hazardous substances.

Target Sectors : Pharma industry, biotechnology, chemicals shipping, labs and everyone shipping hazardous substances.


Sealed Air S.A.S, (awarded in the EcoDesign Category)
Cryovac® Sealappeal® PSF ZAL

FEURER Glass WrapCryovac® Sealappeal® PSF zal is a highly peelable shrink film with unique sealing layer designed for ready-to-eat products tray lidding or thermoforming applications. It offers outstanding transparency, and hermeticity allied to an unrivalled peelability. By making the opening the easiest thing, this film addresses the frustration number 1 of the consumer facing their food package.
Additionally it offers a perfect transparent, winkle-free package with a wonderful drum effect.

Designed with sustainability in mind, the wide low temperature sealing window (110 °C to 180 °C) keeps delivering consistent peelability, sealing strength and tearing free while reducing energy consumption during the production.

Additionally moving film structure from APET/PE to PET film allowed us to decrease film weight versus market standards. This results not only in longer rolls allowing longer production runs and less volume occupation at customer level but also in less green fees and disposal costs thanks to lighter material.

Sealappeal® PSF zal provides strong seal through heavy contamination and excellent tear resistance. The one-piece-peal features allow relidding on same trays if there is a production issue – reducing therefore material wastage.

Target Sectors : Fresh-cut, prepared salads, desserts, diced cheeses etc.


KNAUF Industries, (awarded in the Product Protection Category)
Airpop protection for fire hydrant

meshen-one2doseKnauf Industries has developed and is manufacturing this new industrial packaging for fire hydrants for Bayard.

The protection is eco-designed, delivering the same protection and resistance functions as the previous, wooden protection but with lower environmental impact. It is made from airpop® and is 7 times lighter than the former packaging (2kg instead of 15kg). It is 100 % recyclable by crushing, compacting PS granule extrusion.

This multi-product packaging is designed to protect 4 different models of hydrants, so there is no need to manage several packaging references.
It is customised with the Bayard logo and shows the reference of the packed hydrant.

The pack is also easier to implement. It has enabled Bayard to automate its production lines, particularly by eliminating “hazardous” handling operations. On the operating side, hooking the hydrants up to the water grid is easier as installers can see how the hydrant is positioned.
The packaging also saves labour costs in the production and installation process.

This industrial protection is for water grids and fire protection.

Target Sectors : Water grids and fire protection.


EMIL DEISS KG (GmbH + Co.), (awarded in the Social Benefit Category)

Plastipak Spraypet RevealUNIVERSAL PLUS bin liners combine three benefits in one product:

More efficient due to the sleeve with perforated opening: A sleeve carries important information and protects the roll of bin liners. But every time a new roll is opened, the sleeve has to be removed.
This can often be tricky or time-consuming because the sleeves are stuck together. The innovative perforated opening of the UNIVERSAL PLUS sleeve opens easily when the ends are twisted in opposite directions. The two parts of the paper wrapping can then be pulled off from the roll quickly and conveniently – an advantage for efficiency.

More efficient due to the fast and simple Easy Opener: All UNIVERSAL PLUS bin liners feature the protected Easy Opening function. They help to open the individual bin liners quickly and easily without allowing the layers to stick to one another.

Even safer due to the improved material quality: A specific mix of raw materials and a special manufacturing method make this special film significantly more tear- and puncture-resistant than conventional PE-HD materials of the same thickness. The improved technical properties of the material are a PLUS in reliable performance.

Target Sectors : Contact cleaning, hospitals and nursing homes, restaurants, hotels, catering, manual trade and industry.


FLEXICO (awarded in the Social Benefit Category)

OZEMBAL PrecidozChildren protection: In France, around 15 000 children a year are being poisoned by swallowing harmful substances like detergents. In the US, poisoning is 5 times higher. This major public health concern affects mainly industrialized countries and primarily children aged under 6.

This concerning situation led us to develop a packaging to keep children safe. At Flexico we believe that packaging has a key role to play to prevent accidents. Appropriate packaging can prevent dangerous situations. This solution is the first child resistant closure available for flexible packaging on the European market.
The innovation consists in the impossibility for a child to open the packaging and to access the content. A second of inattention is enough for an accident to happen and the damages caused by poisoning are often irreversible (abdominal & respiratory burning, skin burn, coma …). Thanks to Sensogrip Kids, thousands of lives could be spared and parents can finally get peace of mind.

Consumer experience: the tactile and sound effect guarantees to the customer that the bag is closed properly.

Easy & quick industrial implementation: cost effective investment.

Target Sectors : Detergents, laundry & dishwashing tabs, fertilizer, cosmetic, roll up tobacco, battery, medical & pharma.


KISICO GmbH (awarded in the Social Benefit Category)

Rose Plastic StorePackThe innovative NFCap features a NFC-Chip that is fully integrated in the cap, tamper-free and invisible from the outside, permitting contactless communication with every NFC-enabled smartphone.

A wide array of information can be stored on the chip. Relevant applications ensure product protection by, e.g., verifying the authenticity of the product or certifying the best used by date.
Product data sheets and handling instructions provide the end user with essential information for safe product usage. In addition, technology-savvy audiences will use this to access information stored on the tag such as links to websites or other specifically developed apps.
Since the NFC tag is integrated into the cap, it cannot be removed without destroying the cap.

The chip is not visible from the outside, so the caps retain their design, thus avoiding the need for unattractive QR codes. NFC technology can be integrated into most of the KISICO standard products, so no further costs for new injection molding tools or tool adjustments arise. The chip never comes in contact with the bottle contents, representing an additional advantage especially for food, chemical or pharma industries.

Target Sectors : Producers and brand owners of high priced products in danger of being counterfeited.
Producers and brand owners that want to deliver a unique customer experience.


Sealed Air GmbH (awarded in the Social Benefit Category)
Cryovac® Oven Ease® barrier vacuum packaging

ALBEA AttractionCryovac® Oven Ease® is designed for dual heat treatments – it is suitable for in-pack cooking, pasteurisation and sterilisation at the processor and cooking or reheating by the end user in a wide variety of ovens (conventional, steam or microwave). The material can be used at wide temperature limits and is approved for cooking at up to 200°C and freezing up to -25°C.

The solution is suitable for all types of foods offering no reduction factor and sealing through contamination, which makes it ideal for foods with oil marinades. The hermetic, leak and abuse resistant seal protects the product at all stages of cooking and distribution. The current market trend is characterised by premium ready-to-eat food products to enjoy at home as an alternative to restaurants. Quality, gourmet taste, easy and fast cooking are the most valued priorities for consumers, as well as an environmental-friendly product.

Cryovac Oven Ease solutions deliver all-round convenience to food processors. The wide variety of applications (shrink bags, thermoforming and vacuum skin), which can be used on existing equipment, allows them to turn commodity to added value products without additional capital investments.

Target Sectors : Cook-from-raw or pre-cooked, chilled or frozen proteins (meat, fish, poultry) and convenience food for retail and food service.


Schaumaplast Nossen GmbH (awarded in the Save Food Category)
vakuVIP Thermobox©

ALBEA AttractionA reusable hybrid-insulation box, perfect for thermo-sensitive logistics (passive cooling).
Outstanding insulation characteristics by a combination of EPP and a 360 degree all-round insulation of high-performance vacuum-insulation panels.
Excellent transport protection and persistence in the reusable market by use of EPP as base material. Very good hygiene properties and cleanability due to a complete plastic trim inside of the box.

Some facts:
• thermal conductivity of the vacuum-insulation panels: lower than 0,005 W/m*K
(thermal transmission coefficient U: 0,35 W/m2K)
• An illustration (exemplary test under real and laboratory conditions): By use of 4 cooling elements (prechilled, -18 Celsius) it is possible to keep a default temperature limit of 8 celsius over a time period of 6.5 days!
• perfect for thermo-sensitive transports, such as premium-quality fresh food, vaccine or blood preservation
• the superb insulation characteristics can be used for the transport of preheated goods likewise
• outer dimension: 755 x 464 x 382 mm
• inner dimension (usable measurement): 640 x 350 x 285 mm
• usable volume: 64 liters
• further boxes with other dimensions will follow

Target Sectors : Food, pharmaceutics, thermosensitive logistics.