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4 innovation categories.
Entrants may enter 1, 2, 3 or 4 categories with different products :

1. ECODESIGN CATEGORY (use of recycled material, recyclability, source reduction, weight reduction)

An environmentally-friendly innovation throughout the product’s lifecycle, through the choice of raw materials, its manufacture and its transport, its functionality, its end of life, etc.

For example, use of recycled material, recyclability, source reduction, while maintaining or improving the product’s functionality, etc.



protection-produit-01An innovation that improves protection of contents from filling/manufactory through to end user.
Entrants should demonstrate in detail how their packaging reduces or avoids damage during transit or shelf display or enables the end user to store and use the product in a better way.

For example, extension of shelf life, no or fewer preservatives, no or less damage to the content, user safety, etc.




role-societal-01An innovation that meets the new consumption trends and habits of today’s users and customers, or the new consumption modes of target groups such as children, the elderly and families.
It can also include a benefit to society.

For example, out-of-home mobile consumption, right dosage dispensing, easy or safe opening, etc.




Catégorie 4 Conservation des alimentsAn innovation that is easy to empty, minimises food losses and food waste, extends shelf life and improves the supply of food.
NB: applications should contain information about the reduction in food waste associated with the innovation.

For exemple, easy to empty (full product restitution), better facilitation or communication around portioning, expiry date extension and left over storage solutions.

Three winners will be selected in each of the categories described above, subject to a sufficient number of eligible entries being received and according to the jury’s decision.

Each ELIPSO or IK member company (legal entity in each country) may submit only one entry per category. For each packaging, entering companies need to complete one application form for the targeted category. Therefore only 4 applications forms can be submitted by ELIPSO or IK member (legal entity).

Entry fees are €195 excluding tax for each application form.  IK and Elipso members will receive an invoice once the application from is fully completed.
Entries will not be considered firm until payment of €195 excluding tax per application form has been received and cleared by ELIPSO or IK.

The jury reserves the right to move an entry from one category to another for the applicant’s benefit.