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2015 Companies and Products Awarded

The 2015 Winners :

INCOPLAS, (awarded in the EcoDesign Category)
LSO Bottle.

Incoplas LSO BottleThis LSO bottle represents a technological innovation thanks to its manufacturing process and its end-of life. LSO bottles are manufactured with bi-oriented HDPE, allowing 45% source reduction in weight.
Compared to traditional EBM process (extrusion blow molding), bi-orientation technology using ISBM (injection stretch blow molding) on the one hand opens the possibility to limit transport to the performs and blow bottles at the customer; and on the other hand offers improved mechanical properties of the bottles combined with significant weight reduction.
Life cycle analyses have shown that source reduction of resin is the major factor in reducing environmental impact in the course of the entire life of plastic bottles.

Target sectors : Household chemical and other plastic bottle applications such as body care or food.

Company Profile :
INCOPLAS is a privately owned company with longstanding experience in manufacturing and marketing of rigid plastic packaging.
Important and international customers in market segments such as household chemicals, industrial detergents, lubricants, photochemicals, but also food and personal care, are served from plants in Ronse (B), Vignole Borbera (I) and Digny (F) with high quality product thanks to state of the art equipment and management systems.
Product development and process development go hand in hand to provide our customers with solutions that best fit the multiple functions of packaging and at the same time contribute to a sustainable society.


ALPLA Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG, (awarded in the EcoDesign Category)
Innovative multi‐layer bottle with new foaming technology.

ALPLA Flacon multicouchesThis innovation aims at reducing the use of resources by using fewer materials, with unchanging full functionality and 100% recyclability. A special gas is injected by foaming into the central layer of multi‐layer bottle.
Consequently, the density of the material is reduced and therefore also the consumption of plastic.
Put very simply, one can picture it as similar to honeycombs. Although the material density is reduced, the thickness of the bottle wall remains the same.
This means that the bottles have the same high functionality as conventional bottles during filling, transportation and handling. In addition, the product appeal, e.g. product feel, design for the consumer and product appearance at the point‐of‐sale for the producer/marketer is preserved.
The process is purely physical and does not require any chemical additives.
Consequently, the bottles are fully recyclable. The MuCell technology for extrusion blow moulding (EBM) was developed in close cooperation with two of Unilever’s global packaging suppliers, ALPLA and MuCell Extrusion. The technology was first used in Europe in the Unilever Dove “Pflegedusche” shower soap range.
According to Unilever’s press release dated 22 April 2015, the use of this new technology in this range is alone responsible for savings of 275 tonnes of plastic per year. The new technology is another important contribution aimed at conserving resources and introducing more sustainable packaging solutions in the marketplace.

Target sectors : Fast moving consumer goods (personal care, fabrics and home care, food, etc.)

Company Profile :
ALPLA Werke Lehner
ALPLA is one of the leading companies in the area of packaging solutions and is renowned throughout the world for producing plastic packaging of the highest quality. Around 16,000 employees at 154 locations across 40 countries produce high‐quality packaging for brands in the food, drinks, cosmetics and cleaning industries.
ALPLA is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2015.


AST Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH, (awarded in the EcoDesign Category)

AST ECOSTACKThanks to the new innovative stacking rails, it is possible to stack together every size of canister on a pallet, and then to secure them. This means that the preparation of mixed pallets is possible at last. Thanks to ECOSTACK’s lean design, every fourth truck with finished goods is now superfluous, unlike with the usual models on the market.

The ECOSTACK series will be available in 5, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 25‐litre sizes. We will offer different operating weights with UN approval for hazardous goods for each package size.

TARGET GROUP : Chemical and foodstuffs industries.



Company Profile :
AST Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH
Since 1977, AST have produced high quality, UN approved plastic containers at their headquarters in ErndtebrĂŒck. Albrecht STrohmann and his two sons, Dirk & Jörg, manage the family owned business and have created a company that now occupies a market‐leading position. Two independent production plants, centrallylocated, guarantee maximum output efficiency and continuous supply to the customers. State of the art technology along with a highly skilled workforce complete the package.


FEURER Febra GmbH, (awarded in the Product Protection Category)

FEURER Glass WrapGlass‐wrap¼, a new packaging system for flat glass, saves up to 60% on transport and storage costs, prevents damage and simplifies logistics. It is a standardized, modular packaging system that optimally protects glass and simplifies transport, handling, and storage. It can increase the transportation and storage volume by 40%.
Reducing transport costs: Glass‐Wrap¼ is a packaging system for flat glass that saves a great deal of weight and storage space. Flat glass can be economically shipped as normal freight by freight carrier or as a package. Whatever the means of transport, up to 40% more glass (by volume) can be moved than with conventional solutions. Damage is reduced: Glass‐wrap¼ guarantees an extremely high resistance to static and dynamic pressure. The integrated reinforcement profiles offer ideal protection for the edges and corners of the glass sheets. The inner retaining profile around the edges of the glass ensures a firm grip, prevents slipping and increases the impact resistance. The high material compatibility protects the glass from abrasion and chemical reactions.
Simplifying the logistics: Glass‐wrap¼ packs the panes of glass in a robust way so that they can be shipped with any vehicle. Panes can thus be stacked vertically or horizontally in high‐bay and pallet warehouses. It weighs very little and saves up to 40% on storage space. It protects the product and simplifies the logistics processes along the entire value‐added chain.
Protecting the environment: Glass‐wrap¼ uses no CFCs or harmful propellants and is 100% recyclable. Optimized loading means less traffic and reduced CO2 emissions.
Function: The panes are packed in a circumferential frame. This all‐round frame is made from rigid foam, which is stabilized by an inner core made of wood. There are different glass holding profiles for the various glass pane thicknesses, which are inserted in the circumferential frame to hold the panes safely. The frame consists of individual elements that can be placed together easily. A tightening strap is fixed to the frame and
holds it together.

TARGET GROUP : Glass manufacturers, glass processors and glass finishers.

Company Profile :
FEURER develops and produces intelligent solutions in the ambit of packaging and packaging logistics. With the five business units Industrial Packaging, Components, Full Service, Thermobox and Milkrun Systems FEURER offers solutions from one source ‐ tailor‐made for individual requirements. The family‐business with its subsidiaries FEURER Porsiplast, FEURER Febra and FEURER PPO reviews over 100 years of company history.
Today FEURER employs approximately 500 employees and is partner of many well‐known companies in Germany, in other European countries and in the USA.


Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co KG, (awarded in the Social Benefit Category)

meshen-one2doseThis innovation is an automatic metering system, e.g. for detergents.

What is new about this metering system is that the removal of product and (at the same time the metering of the next dosage) take place in a single operation. This system is suitable for use with liquids, gels, powders and granules. The metered volume is changed by replacing the lower metering component or adjusting as desired. The system contributes to an optical and primarily functional improvement of the packaging as a whole. The package as a whole is noticeable at the point of sale, while its functionality gives it an added value that positively influences the consumer’s decision to buy. An exact metering of the detergents, cleaning agents or concentrates may be necessary or desirable for various reasons. Incorrect metering (very small quantities may often suffice with concentrates) leads to unwanted changes in the product properties. An excess dosage costs money and unnecessarily pollutes the environment. In Germany alone, approx. 165,000 extra tons of detergent (in some cases because consumers want this) are wasted every year due to excess dosages. Thus this metering system also makes an active contribution to environmental protection.

TARGET GROUP : Detergent and cleaning agent industry.

Company Profile :
Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co KG
Skill, experience, and a pioneering spirit – three reasons why MENSHEN has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of closures, plastic lids, and packaging systems for more than 40 years. MENSHEN offers individual and innovative products for a wide range of industries and are a reliable partner for the packaging industry worldwide. MENSHEN is an owner‐operated company based in the city of Finnentrop in the Sauerland region with approximately 1,200 employees at 14 MENSHEN locations across 11 countries.


PLASTIPAK Packaging, (awarded in the Social Benefit Category)
SprayPET Reveal

Plastipak Spraypet RevealSprayPET Reveal is the world’s first fully‐transparent bag‐on‐valve aerosol system. It provides complete product visibility, high on‐shelf impact and is 100% recyclable.

BOV pouches are usually opaque silver in colour and are flexible multilayer laminated bags made from layers of nylon, polyethylene and aluminium. This introduces contamination in to the recycling stream. The SprayPET Reveal BOV pouch is 100% single‐layer PET, yet retains all of the benefits of BOV technology. As it is seamless, it has inherent strength and will not split when the aerosol is dropped. The SprayPET Reveal system operates with standard actuators, is environmentally friendly and can be recycled through normal kerbside collection. It is fully food‐approved and can be printed, sleeved or part sleeved.

For retailers, it provides a genuine opportunity to create on‐shelf differentiation and the ability to showcase a product to maximum advantage. For consumers, the product can be sprayed at any angle, and gives the user the ability to accurately predict when a replacement is needed. The system is also highly effective at dispensing 100% of the product over its lifetime.

TARGET GROUP : All aerosol applications in home care, personal care, food and industrial products.

Company Profile :
Plastipak Packaging
As one of the pioneers of PET rigid packaging, award‐winning Plastipak knows what it takes to deliver your product in perfect condition, with the least impact on the world in which we live. Millions of consumers around the world handle our packaging every day.Plastipak leads the market with single‐stage and two‐stage PET preforms, bottles and containers for a wide range of markets such as food, beverages, home and personal care. In addition, we are leaders in design and innovation, experts in barrier and heat‐set technologies and can supply in many formats, right up to “through the wall” partnerships.
As part of our commitment to sustainability, Plastipak also operates the largest food‐grade PET recycling plant in Europe, producing 70,000 tonnes of recycled PET annually.


OZEMBAL (awarded in the Social Benefit Category)

OZEMBAL PrecidozMore than a bottle, it is an intelligent packaging system that will provide you with the right dose. Very easy to use. Economical, environmentally friendly, minimises waste, aesthetic, very practical.

Easy to use: Turn the bottle upside down / Turn it back the right way up / The dose is ready / Open the cap / Pour: only the right dose is delivered

Shapes and dimensions : You choose, the system fits all shapes and sizes. Possible to produce in any colour.

Easy to fill : the bottle can be filled upright like a standard bottle.

Possible to select the dose : one dose or multiple doses.
Easy to cap once the stopper is placed in the neck, the cap is positioned like a standard cap and when closed for the first time, the stopper is set in place.

Reliable : delivers the dose and only the selected dose.

TARGET GROUP : Detergents – phytosanitary – automotive – health – cosmetics ‐ food.

Company Profile :
With a rich industrial know‐how, the company Ozembal is a specialist in packaging : production bottles and plastic jars, decoration on plastic and glass, distribution caps and accessories. Our strength is in our expertise, our advice and our level of service.
Our large range of standard products allows us to cover many different types of customers: Health, Cosmetics, Food and Industry.
Innovation is also our motivation. Latest release: the bottle range Precidoz


Rose Plastic AG (Jury Special Award)

Rose Plastic StorePackStore Pack is a modular packaging, sales and order system that adapts with flexibility to different user needs. As packaging it has triple benefits Store Pack also scores very highly in terms of sustainability. Handling is very simple: small‐scale products are packaged in practical protective modules and can be marketed directly in DIY markets as sales packaging at POS and is also a way of promoting sales. The modules can be equipped with bendable hangers, transparent covers, secured sales labels or with sealing foil. After purchase the modules can be locked into an individually cut to size 15 mm grid piece of bubble sheet within seconds with just one “Click” at the customer’s site.

It is easy to fit together with the map amongst other elements in a compartment or alternatively combined a RoseCassette combined with a practical Assortment Cassette, so everything is perfectly organised and completely safely packaged ready for transportation. The heights and sizes of the stackable modules ranges from 60x60x25 mm up to 240x90x50 mm and are chosen so that they fit compactly with each other in order to maximize the possible available space. The Store Pack module can be easily mounted on the non‐slip bubble sheet and can be taken down again. Through the optional usable transparent cover, the content of each module is well protected. In order to complete the system, the customer can choose, again after purchase, another Store Pack module product. The modules are reusable after use, without polluting the environment, can be used as an ordering system for other small parts. The modules are made of ABS, the covers are transparent and are made of PET.

TARGET GROUP : Tool/Attachment/DIY‐Market ‐ Industrial/Trade and End User.

Company Profile :
Rose Plastic
Rose Plastic is a worldwide operating enterprise leading in the sector of plastic packaging for industrial applications. Rose Plastics develops, produces and sells innovative products with an outstanding quality level and optimum delivery service. Whether standard solutions at favourable prices or tailor‐made solutions with individual design ‐ the comprehensive customer service and the vast product range make Rose Plastic an unique supplier of special plastic packaging with remarkable diversity.


ALBEA (Jury Special Award)

ALBEA AttractionAttraction, a proprietary technology developed by AlbĂ©a’s R&D, delivers gentle, pleasant closing for compacts.

The system’s innovation lies in fully plastic, pin‐less hinge, which does away with the need for neodymium magnets to close the compact. Neodymium magnets have bad effects on the environment, mostly due to the way rare earths are extracted and transformed. Attraction hinge technology is adaptable to all compact shapes.

Attraction is a closure system for cosmetic compact. Compact should protect and deliver cosmetic formula. The closure system guarantees the protection of the formula, and the comfort of manipulation for the consumer. Attraction is adaptable on all type of compact, with different types of plastic (PP, ABS,…). The weight of the product is also reduced.

TARGET GROUP : Cosmetics.

Company Profile :
AlbĂ©a offers the world’s largest range of beauty and personal care packaging ‐ with leadership positions in plastic & laminate tubes, mascaras, lipsticks, samplers and foam pumps; and recognized expertise in fragrance & skincare dispensing pumps, fragrance & lotion caps, compacts, lipgloss, promotional items and accessories.
Our 16,600 people serve large and small customers in 60 countries across the world, and operate 38 facilities in Europe, Asia and the Americas. AlbĂ©a’s committed teams provide local presence and global reach; robust capabilities in innovation & design as well as project management; solid operating excellence; world‐class manufacturing, decoration and full‐service; as well as a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.
AlbĂ©a is proud to have been contributing to our customers’ success for more than 50 years.