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2014 Companies and Products Awarded

The winners of the 2014 Edition : 12 French and German companies , which were particularly highlighted by the innovative nature of their packaging solutions.

Vainqueurs de l'édition 2014 Concours PackTheFuture

This Award offered an ideal opportunity for ELIPSO and IK members to advertise the sustainability  of their own plastic packaging products.

During this first run of the Award  49 applications were handed in for the three  following categories:

  • EcoDesign
  • Product Protection
  • Social Benefit



A video report (in German) has been performed on the awards ceremony and is accessible by clicking here.

We also wish to thank TOTAL et BKV, our partners for the very first edition of the PackTheFuture Award.

The Winners :

Rfresh Elite, LINPAC Packaging (awarded in the EcoDesign Category)


The Rfresh Elite tray offers superior efficiency and sustainability features for meat and poultry packers. The super lightweight, mono-material tray uses a unique sealant on the tray fange to create a secure seal with the lidding flm, thus removing the need for the industry standard laminated PE base film.
The sealant is transparent, food contact approved and the tray has the strongest seal strength in its class, reducing leakers and driving up food safety.
The trays require signifcantly lower levels of heat for sealing so you won’t see rolled fanges, hour glass shape trays or poor lid film visuals, which can affect other lightweight rPET/PE trays. The trays seal quicker at lower temperatures to save customers’ money and boost profits.
Rfresh Elite has been developed in conjunction with the LINPAC lightweighting programme, Project LIFE, which has been implemented to reduce the weight and carbon footprint of some of their trays.
This unique patented guaranteed food safe rPET tray is up to 20 % lighter than typical rPET/ PE trays. It is manufactured from up to 95 % supercleaned post consumer recyclate, does not require the inclusion of a PE base film lamination for tray sealing due to its Rfresh Elite patented design, and therefore its carbon footprint is up to 5 % less than the standard rPET/PE tray.
The unique sealant is removed in the hot wash process employed by European rPET recyclers meaning Rfresh Elite will yield 100 PET after recycling, benefiting the entire closed loop recycled PET supply chain.
Target Sector : Food Industry


ThermaLite, APPE Deutschland (awarded in the EcoDesign Category)

thermalitePet jars have been designed to replace glass jars for foods like pickles, jams, olives, cooking sauces that  require pasteurization. They are able to be hot-filled at temperatures to 95° C (previous industry maximum 85° C) and pasteurized (previously not achievable with PET).
Technical advance enabled by:
• Innovative technical design
• Specialist PET resin
• APPE experience
• Revolutionary double-blow manufacturing process
• Shatterproof
• Uses standard metal twist-of cap: consumer ease / familiarity
Environmental advantages:
• Transporting empty jars (manufacturer to filler):
- Glass: 94,000 539ml jars per truck.
- PET: 107,000 539ml ThermaLite® jars per truck (smaller footprint)
= 13 000 more jars, 13 tons lighter
PET jars are 85 % lighter with smaller footprint than glass equivalents. A lot less trucks are required to transport empty and filled jars, resulting in substantial carbon footprint reduction.
PET jars enter filling line having emitted approximately half of the kg/CO2 equivalent of glass jars (with 67 % recycled glass content – industry standard) (calculated using ADEME’s Bilan Carbone method).
• 15  % less food-processing energy is required,
• 100 % recyclable,
• opens a substantial new market for PET. Western Europe potential market: 2961.9 million units p.a., forecast to grow steadily
Target Sector : Food Industry


Parachute Closure, Global Closure Systems (awarded in the EcoDesign Category)

parachute-closureThere are many examples of lightweight closures on the market. They all have some common themes: thin walls, small and slim line, very low carbon foot print,
But they all look the same and are Killers of brand identity. Parachute is a new concept from GCS that softens the landing for brands while they strive to lightweight their packs.
The simplest definition is: Parachute is a flip top closure where the lid portion of the closure matches the bottle design and shape, and the base part of the closure is as small as the neck will allow. The closure also has a unique clip design that facilitates the neck of the bottle to be light weighted offering double the saving. Parachute is the perfect balance between the need to lightweight the packs and the brands maintaining differentiation by having a unique shape and size. By incorporating the patented “feather-snap” system the design of the parachute closure allows the height of the bottle neck to be reduced and weight removed, in addition to weight reduction already in the closure, leading to the lightest possible pack that maintains its individuality and brand identity. Savings can be as much as 75 % but on average is 45 %.
Target Sector : Food, Personal Care, Household


Infinity Series TM Plastic, Mauser-Werke GmbH (awarded in the EcoDesign Category)

infinity-seriesThe MAUSER Infinity Series TM is a new product line of plastic drums with UN Dangerous Goods approval, which are manufactured from 100 % recycled plastic. The series includes open head drums and also tight head drum variant. The open head drums are approved for solids of packaging group I, the tight head drums for hazardous liquids of packaging group II. Both the production and the generation of recycled polyethylene used meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 16103:2005 “Packaging for transportation of dangerous goods – Recycled plastics”.
The recycled polyethylene is manufactured from used industrial packaging by the subsidiary company National-Container Group (NCG) in a recycling plant newly installed in 2013.
Used, empty, industrial plastic packaging are collected and sorted at individual European NCG sites before they are processed in compressed form at the central recycling location in Germany into high quality rHDPE. The manufacturing of plastic drums of Infinity Series TM then takes place at different European locations of MAUSER Group.
With the new Infinity Series TM, the MAUSER Group closes the material circuit for industrial packaging approved for hazardous goods with the integration of its subsidiary NCG. From the new production, across the retrieval, cleaning and reprocessing up to the material recycling this product approach covers the different levels of resource efficiency comprehensively – reduce, reuse, recycle. The extent of this process and the consequence of the implementation is new – especially since this approach could be realized in the technically and regulatory demanding segment of the UN approved dangerous goods packaging. Per drum, depending on the volume 1.2 kg (30 I O-Top) to 8.5 kg (220 I tight head drum) new goods HDPE can be saved.
Target Sector: B2B Transport of hazardous goods in selected branches of chemical industry – e.g. Colours, leather industry, industrial chemicals


Slidissime, Promens, France (awarded in the Product Protection Category)

slidedissimeSlidissime is the frst airless cosmetic jar with a tactile pump. This totally innovative pump is designed to incorporate the new “slide” gesture which is widely found in new tactile technologies such as the touch screens of pads and smart phones. The Slidissime airless jar enables accurate dispensing of cosmetic cream, now protected by an airless pouch, by a simple sliding motion of the finger. Slidissime is the only airless jar equipped with this innovative and sensual opening system. The “touch and slide” effect is close to the natural gesture of stroking. It is obtained by passing the finger over the tactile pump membrane. Slidissime is also the only prestige airless jar which protects the formula while sacrificing nothing of the jar’s elegance, nor the sensuality of the opening gesture. Slidissime has been widely acclaimed by female users who seek out clean and hygienic use and who like the soft touch of the pump as well as its accurate and economical dosage.
Slidissime meets the requirements both of brands and formula inventors. It provides high protection for vulnerable formulas.
The quantity of preservatives can therefore be reduced without detriment to active ingredients.
The packaging eliminates leakage and provides easy and accurate dosage even for the most liquid or viscous formulas.
Target Sector: Cosmetics market. It is ideal for prestige skincare lines and dermo-cosmetic care ranges


Darfresh®on Tray, Sealed Air S.A.S. (awarded in the Product Protection Category)

darfreshDarfresh® on Tray is a vacuum-packed packaging with skin and film for preformed retail portion food trays. Darfresh® on Tray uses rigid trays with a specifc “second skin” top film which provides both attractive display and protection. The preformed tray and the Darfresh ® on Tray top film are heat-sealed together around the product, thus holding the product firmly but gently while naturally preserving organoleptic properties. The tray is vacuum-sealed using “vacuum valve” perforations during packing on the packing line. The Darfresh® film is pre-cut to avoid any cut-out waste after processing. This new vacuum skin extends conservation periods, helping to reduce food waste. The dynamic latest generation association of vacuum/skin/tray/Cryovac® film slows the development of aerobic bacteria and facilitates control of package integrity for greater food safety. Excellent sealing quality reduces the risk of exudation and contamination. High pressure pasteurisation is possible in order to preserve vitamins and nutrients and reduce preservatives. Natural maturation in the packet is an additional advantage for fresh meat. Easy opening removes the need for sharp objects such as knives and scissors.
Target Sector: Fresh proteins (meat, poultry, fish), cooked meats and sausage


Sécuricap, Ozembal (awarded in the Product Protection Category)

Dispenser cap with dual tamper-proofing.


1- Dual tamper-proofing for user protection at initial opening.

2- Cannot be removed from the dispenser (to protect contents).

3- Customisable: two-colour hot stamping or silkscreen printing.

4- Different dispensing orifices: 2, 3.5 and 8mm (8mm with valve).

5- A single green dot for the pot and non-removable cap removed.


Target Sector:  Cosmetics, Health, Foodstuffs, Detergents, DIY


EPP special load carrier for door panels W222, Philippine GmbH&Co. KG (awarded in the Product Protection Category)

EPPThis is a special packaging made from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP). This is used for the transport of door panels (TV/DP) of the passenger compartment of the current S Class of the Daimler Benz AG.
The packaging is used as main transport medium between the two sites Kosice (CZ) and Böblingen, Germany. It offers an excellent quality protection and optimum utilization of transport volume as reusable packaging on this large distance.
Due to the two locking options, the TV/DP is optimally fixed during transport and while handling at our customer‘s premises during the individual production processes.
The high quality standard is guaranteed by the fact that highly sensitive surface materials of the TV/DP (leather, films and fabrics) need not be equipped with any other expensive additional materials, such as fabric partitions in complex steel racks or protective flms. The non-contact incorporation of the door panels in the area of the sensitive surface material in the packaging, the product is well protected against scratches and bruises.
Target Sector: Automotive industry


Copper box packing, Wipak Walsrode GmbH (awarded in the Social Benefit Category)

copper-boxThe submitted packaging, copper box packing, is a hard film concept on a polyester base (350 microns), which is formed, filled, sealed and separated in a thermoforming machine. The packaging protects the product, cold cuts of various meats, during the transport and logistics processes.
The product is in two separate chambers sealed and protected from the atmosphere. The chambers are sealed with an easy-to-open foil and can be easily separated from each other by a perforation. The folding mechanism with click function provides a compact, paperback like format. This package concept offers five advantages over commonly used thermoformed packs in sausage cold cuts segment. The separate chambers (separately imprinted MHD) provide longer enjoyment, since only one chamber is opened while the second is closed and the protection from atmosphere is maintained. Thus, this packing will contribute to the reduction of food waste and the associated waste of resources.
The peelable cover foil with large, double-sided opening flaps is easy for both, right and left handed people to grip and open.
The folding mechanism with click closure provides a space-saving solution on the shop shelf.
The large format printing helps in creating a uniform appearance and along with various colours providing a good orientation for the consumer.
Target Sector: Food industry, sausages, cold cuts (pork and poultry meat products)


Distripack, Groupe Guillin SA (awarded in the Social Benefit Category)

distripack Distripack is the frst double-hinged shaker for fruit and vegetable consumption on the move. Its practical yet appealing design is intended to heighten a young audience’s awareness of the need to consume five fruits and vegetables per day.
It is eco-designed and 100 % RPET with ideal dimensions for packing without spacers into a twelve unit, 600 by 400mm box.

Distripack caters perfectly to new on-the-move, health-conscious and environmentally-friendly consumption habits. The double-hinged lid is securely fastened but can be opened by simple thumb pressure on the side wall.

The perforations fulfil two functions: adequate ventilation when chilled and draining when washed before being consumed.
Its attractive and ergonomic design gives youngsters an incentive to eat healthy and well-balanced food. And it can be used on car trips as it fits into car cup-holders.

Target Sector: Foodstuf, Fruit and vegetables (tomatoes, grapes, berries etc.)


Runway, Aptar Beauty + Home (awarded in the Social Benefit Category)

runwayRunway is the new dual action trigger accessory from Aptar Beauty + Home. Runway offers the consumer a choice of spray action: Actuate vertically or via the trigger for maximum ease of use.
The standard vertical actuation is suited for short, precise applications whereas using the integrated trigger is the most convenient choice for longer use.
The need for superior dispensing control and convenience is very evident and with Runway, we can see multiple benefits across many product applications: In sun care, consumers want to choose solutions that increase control and allow them to easily spray all areas of the body.
Also, parents will be grateful for the dual actuation convenience as it helps them to quickly and effectively protect their children.
Runway can be locked securely utilizing Aptar’s proven integrated twist-to-lock technology. The lockable system with non-removable pieces provides value-added portability for marketer distribution and consumer transport while the bold and distinctive look guarantees shelf appeal as the two-color option enhances brand differentiation.
Target Sector: Personal Care and Home Care


PackH2O, Greif, Inc., France (Jury Special Award)

pack-h2oWomen and children in developing nations travel, on average, 3.5miles and spend 200 million hours daily to collect drinking water. Carrying up to 20L per trip in discarded fuel and chemical containers, they experience serious health and safety problems.
Existing technologies have still not provided poorer populations with an afordable, sanitary and safe way to transport water from source to home.
Designed by Greif and manufactured in Turkey, the PackH2O collapsible water backpack is the lowest cost, ergonomically correct way to manually transport and store household water in the developing world.
It is the first for purpose designed, field-tested water transport product that is economically viable for developing economies and disaster relief conditions. PackH2O distributes weight evenly and allows women and children to avoid the in-transit contamination and water loss that often occurs when they transport water in buckets.
Made from industrial-grade flexible woven polyethylene with a removable PET inner liner that can be sanitized in the sun, PackH2O holds 20L and is 7 times lighter and smaller than a plastic jerry can allowing for fast, high-volume emergency relief shipments. It is UV resistant, leak proof and puncture resistant. Unlike its alternatives, PackH2O can be adjusted to the size and strength of the person wearing it.
A rolldown closure reduces contamination while the protected spout keeps water clean for drinking directly from the pack.
Target Sector: Humanitarian sector, NGO sector, Disaster Recovery sector